Dr. Lynn, a chiropractor and author believes that this journey starts with trusting ourselves, undoing what we’ve been taught, and living from a place of grace.

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In this article, Dr. Lynn Carey, a chiropractor, author, and entrepreneur, shares her insights on shattering illusions and creating the desired life. Dr. Lynn talks about stress and its impact on our lives and how grace can help us overcome it.

Dr. Lynn believes that many of us are taught to look for answers outside ourselves. We are conditioned to seek validation and solutions from external sources, instead of trusting our own intuition and inner guidance. She shares her personal experience of feeling depressed and disconnected after undergoing spinal surgery as a teenager. However, it was through chiropractic care that she learned about the power of the body to heal itself. This sparked her passion to help others heal themselves too.

Dr. Lynn also talks about a state of being that she calls the grace state. It’s a natural state where we are connected to Source and vibrating at a high frequency. She believes that people are kept out of the grace state because of the rat race they find themselves in. People are working jobs they don’t like, barely making ends meet, and not living their dreams or passions. This leads to stress and keeps their vibration low, which can result in physical and emotional illnesses.

When talking about shattering illusions, Dr. Lynn emphasizes the importance of undoing what we’ve been taught. She believes it starts with birth and how we are brought into the world. Traumatic births can have a lasting impact on our lives. Dr. Lynn shares her experience of giving birth to her son at home with a midwife and avoiding medical interventions like drugs and vaccinations. She believes that honoring our bodies and listening to our intuition can help us stay healthy.


Dr. Lynn also talks about the illusions of schooling and how it can interfere with our natural abilities. She believes that the school system can be like a prison, causing anxiety and stress. While she was a good student, she knew that something was off, and she believes that schooling interferes with our natural abilities and can stifle our creativity and intuition.

In conclusion, Dr. Lynn Carey offers an insightful perspective on how to shatter illusions and create the desired life. She believes that it starts with trusting ourselves, undoing what we’ve been taught, and living from a place of grace. By honoring our bodies, listening to our intuition, and following our passions, we can overcome stress, and illness, and live the life we desire.

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