It’s always so fun to see which 2024 Fashion trends for spring are going to make it big and how we can incorporate them into our Wardrobe.
While you may see these items shown for women half our age or with other clothing you wouldn’t wear, I like to talk about how to make them work for us. That’s why you’re going to love them.

Quote of the day: “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” Mother Teresa

While you may not consider talking about 2024 Fashion trends as helping others, I do. Only because I think we all feel better when we look our best. And part of that is looking contemporary.

Yet as I always talk about, we don’t need to throw out clothing that might not be trending right now. You can always combine an older item with something more modern.

That’s how we shop our closet as well as save money.

The best part about any Fashion trend is if you really don’t like it, you can skip it. However, I like to point out that it’s good to remember what your mother said growing up, “Try it, you’ll like it.”
And remember if you try one trend and it doesn’t look right, that doesn’t mean the trend is bad for you. Not every piece of clothing is created equally.

I’ve linked to other articles where I showcase how to wear older items in more modern ways

How I Decided on These 2024 Fashion Trends

There are a couple of ways, I catch onto these 2024 Fashion trends for spring.

One is I keep an eye on the young girl stores. They are constantly churning out new trends and you can find ones that will work even for us older women.
These might be the stores you aren’t used to visiting, but as I talked about recently, it can be the best change for us in many ways.

The second way to get an idea of the upcoming changes in Fashion is to go shopping. And I shop a lot. Much of it is window shopping or online window shopping, but it gives you a great idea of what is modern.

And the third way is I read magazines and visit Fashion sites. For instance, I included the 2024 Fashion trends article from People magazine that was published recently.

Make The Trends Affordable

I think there are 4 easy ways you can incorporate the new 2024 Fashion trends into your Wardrobe yet stay on budget.

1-Young girl stores. This is the “bad” fast Fashion that we hear a lot about, but if you aren’t buying new things from these stores weekly, it’s a great way to keep purchases affordable.

2-Shop your closet. Many of the “new” styles are recirculated and you might have something very similar already in your closet.

3-Swap with friends.

4-Thrift or secondhand. If you don’t have many secondhand stores near you, consider online Thrifting.
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Preworn-Get 25% off with code Jtouch before March 3, 2024
Uncommon Closet— nonprofit to help women.

So onto the 2024 Fashion trends that you’re going to love, and I included ways to make them affordable.


Bows are one of those details that I’ve been seeing on many different clothing items.

My younger self would never have worn bows because they are considered girly. Luckily my evolved self has embraced the fact that I’m female and loves both dressing up in girly things as well as all different kinds of styles.

How to Make Bows Affordable

Hopefully, you didn’t throw out your bow tie blouses from about 10 years ago. Even if you don’t like the blouse, you could always cut off the bow and wear it with other things.

Another idea is to create a bow from a scarf. Here’s one tutorial from Upstyle if you need help.

And then you can always purchase inexpensive hair bows and pin/sew them onto other pieces. That’s the best way to make it your own.

I’ve linked to a bunch of different items with bows in the widget that might strike your fancy but aren’t super expensive.


Metallics are fabulous because they are blingy and sparkly, and when you come to appreciate that every day is a gift, you want to incorporate that into your outfits too.

I’m seeing metallics in shoes, pants, dresses as well as jackets.

How to Make Metallics Affordable

Hopefully, you dipped your toe into metallic shoes years ago. As long as they are still in good shape, pull them out as part of these 2024 Fashion trends.

Or you could paint your own pair of canvas sneakers in a metallic color like my friend did for me years ago.

But don’t limit yourself to shoes for the metallic trend. I think the jeans and other clothing items are just as fun if you are starting to get bolder with your style.

Flare or Wide Leg Pants & Jeans

There’s a new silhouette of pants that all of the young girls are wearing. Does that mean you can’t wear your skinny jeans anymore?

Of course not.

I believe you can still wear the old styles and look modern as long as you combine them with something that is more modern (like oversized blazers).

For those of you who LOVE skinny jeans, wide-leg pants may seem so big and voluminous (and dare I say, unflattering?).

It takes your eyes and brain time to get used to a new silhouette but one secret is to start with flares.

Find flare jeans or pants that are snug around the rear and hip and you will still feel sexy.

How to Make Jeans Affordable

Maybe you’re like me and you kept some of your bootcut jeans from 15 years ago. But if not, finding jeans that don’t cost an arm and a leg (until you know which style you really love) can be a challenge.

Here are some good options:

  • Thrifting
  • Old Navy-for example this pair is under $25 and comes in tall and petite.
  • Target
  • Walmart (yes, their clothing selection has gotten good depending on the items).

Matching Sets

Matching sets are easy. It’s like wearing a dress in that you don’t have the question of if they go together because they were made to be worn together.

You might think of most matching sets as loungewear or very casual, but I also see them as dress sets and pants sets.

The advantage of a pants set is they can look like a jumpsuit but without the bathroom inconvenience.

Insider tip: Don’t forget that just because you buy the set together doesn’t mean you can’t wear the piece separately.
IN FACT, you should absolutely hang/store them individually with their respective clothing items.
What I mean is keep the top with your other tops and the bottoms with your other like bottoms. Once you come across one item of the set, you will remember it has a matching piece to it.

How To Make Matching Sets Affordable

This one stumped me.

But one idea I came up with is if you find a jumpsuit that you absolutely love, you could have it altered into a top and bottom (matching set). That might not be super affordable per se, but it would be if it was a jumpsuit from your closet that you never wear.

The other option is to check your local boutiques because they can have a great selection.

Oversized Blazers

Blazers have been making a comeback for the last couple of years. If you’re anything like me, they were a staple in your working years.

The style that is oversized or boxy isn’t exactly the same as what most of us wear at work.

Why should you wear them? They are a fabulous topper for adding that ‘je ne suis que’ PLUS you look modern.

If you feel that wearing a blazer is too officey, then consider these ideas:

  • Find ones that are different materials like satin (oh la la) or knits (very casual)
  • Try colors that you wouldn’t have worn to work like pink or even a fun print
  • Search for blazer vests that could be worn over a sports bra or t-shirt

Insider tip: If the oversized blazer seems to swallow you up, consider a cropped version instead. You still have the boxiness which is modern but it’s not so long.

How To Make Blazers Affordable

I find the best blazers while Thrifting, but if that isn’t your thing, I rounded up a bunch in the widget below. Some are over $50, but there’s a bunch that are very affordable.

For this oversized style, looking in the men’s or boy’s section while shopping can be advantageous.

Insider tip: If you would like me to find you some links for specific items, I do that for my readers for no charge. Just email me at

2024 Fashion Trends: Comfy Shoes

I was super excited to read the People article about 2024 Fashion trends where they listed Vivaia shoes. The fact that brands are responding to women who want comfort PLUS style in their footwear is so refreshing.

Insider detail: The three of us wore Vivaia shoes and gave our opinions about them.

Obviously, I haven’t tried every brand of comfortable shoes there are, but I do have a big selection that I have worked with and tried.

How to Make Comfy Shoes Affordable

This is a hard one because quality shoes are something that DO cost more. And it’s one thing I am known to splurge on myself because happy feet make for a happy person.

In saying that, there are ways to save money on your favorite comfy shoe brands.

  • Sign up for their emails so you get notice of all sales, especially flash sales that I don’t have time to promote
  • Many times your favorite influencer (like me) works with a brand and offers a discount for a limited time.
  • Searching Zappos sale selection where you can filter by the brand you love
  • TJMaxx even has a comfort shoes tab where they sell an overstock of shoes

So share with me? Which ones are you loving the most?

2024 Spring Fashion Trends And How To Make Them Work


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