Change is one of those things we know is good for us, but it’s not always easy to put into practice. We love our routines, they feel easy and good. Besides trying something different seems scary.
But in all reality, clothing shouldn’t be scary. Snakes, now that’s a different story.
That’s what made me come up with the idea to change your closet, change your life.

Quote of the day: “If you’re in doubt about something that’s not in your life, try it. Things are so different in practice versus in theory. The only way to know is to experience it yourself…Err on the side of yes. Try it. If it was a mistake, at least you’ll know first-hand, instead of always wondering.” Derek Sivers

I read a lot. Blogs, books, magazines as well as emails. One thing that I hear many older women say is “It’s not my style” or “I couldn’t pull that off”.

And I always wonder why.

More than once, I’ve talked about how we shouldn’t get locked into “one” style because how we dress is an indication of how we feel and our personality. Every woman I know has many branches of her personality and I believe our clothes should mirror that.

Even though the idea is to change your closet to change your life, that doesn’t always mean you have to buy new things. I’ve discussed how you can mix up your Wardrobe just by looking at your closet differently with the following articles.

How to Change Your Closet, Change Your Life

Truthfully, if you continue to shop at the same stores and only buy the things you normally buy, you aren’t going to change your style at all. You will look exactly the same, just with a different outfit on your body.

Not that it’s bad to look the same at times, but I’m going to propose that a change in style can seriously change your life.


Because once you see yourself in different colors, styles, and clothes, you can act differently.

Who here wore certain things to work because they were appropriate? Here’s me raising both hands.

Of course, we did.

We wanted to be taken seriously and respected in our careers.

But Retirement is a whole different animal. It’s time to be bold. We only have this ONE LIFE, and it’s way more important to enjoy it, have fun, laugh, and try new things.

If you think about it, dressing appropriately can take us down the frumpy lane.

This means that you can change your closet in order to change your life.

Clothing Brands To Try

One of the problems I see for my retired friends, is they continue to shop at the “old ladies’” stores. Not that these stores are bad. I have items from all of them.

But if you ONLY shop at those stores, your outfit will look like one of their advertisements.

One time I took Lesley and my mom shopping at the mall and we went into shops they had never been in. We had a blast. And that’s one of the ways you can change your closet to change your life.

Different stores are going to give you a whole different approach to style.

Insider tip: Go with an open-minded friend when you shop at different stores because the first time you shop there, you might think it’s not for you. But go again. And again. Look at the young kids and what they are wearing. Not that you have to dress just like them. Yet you can get great ideas of how to modernize what you like to wear.

Beware of thinking you never need to change your style. That would be like seeing an 80-year-old looking like a woman from the 50s in their fit & flare dress, heels, and pillbox hat. It can date you too much.

Insider tip: Do you feel uncomfortable in these stores because they cater to young kids? Then pretend you’re shopping for your kids or grandkids.

Let me give you a list of stores you may not have shopped in. This is a great way to change your closet to change your life.

Insider tip: Don’t get caught up in how these stores style the pieces. Just because a jacket is worn with shorts doesn’t mean you are going to wear it that way.

Fast Fashion is a bad word right now in the Fashion scene and these stores may be considered part of that chapter. HOWEVER, buying one or two items once a year is not the cause of the problem. Especially if you wear the items over and over and be selective in what you purchase.

Asos For Men And Women To Change Your Closet


Even my husband has items from Asos. It’s a size-inclusive online store that has many different brands and free returns.

One of the secrets to navigating these sites is to focus on each clothing item and NOT the outfit. I mean, who in their right mind is going to wear a teddy coat jacket with shorts in the snow?

This is the same silliness you see in the high Fashion magazines of old. But don’t let that sway you.

Yes, you can wear the clothes, just in a different way.

Shopping At Zara For Change Your Closet To Change Your Life


I bet you all have a pair of black pants and a white, button-down shirt. So how do you make it stand out and look fresh, right?

Sometimes just perusing the site for ways to pair clothing items is the way to change your closet and change your life.

For example, like in the Zara photos above, grab one of your super cool belts, cuff up the sleeves of your shirt, and add an interesting necklace to look modern. And don’t forget to wear your swishy pants. While you don’t have to follow the trends all the time, it’s good to know that right now, the thing is to have more volume on the bottom half.

Anthropologie For Older Women


Funny story: Back when I was working, I went into Anthro (as the young girls call it) to see what the fuss was all about.

And I hated it. I couldn’t find anything that I would wear in my life. Because at that time I was professional, and only dressed to be taken seriously.

Sure, that makes sense when you’re working, but once you’re retired, it’s time to shed that skin and have fun!

The thing is Anthropologie has a ton of whimsical items with fun colors and textures. The things that tickle my fancy now.

Now, that I’m open to new styles and clothing.

Now that I changed my closet and thus changed my life.

H&Amp;M Even For Older Women


You may walk by this store and think there is no way I’m wearing that stuff.

Of course, because it caters to the young kids, just like Urban below.

This is exactly why it can be easier to shop online. Scroll past the things that don’t make sense to you, but remember to have an open mind about it.

Urban Outfitters For A Different Wardrobe

Urban Outfitters

My friend’s daughter works at this store, and while there are many things even I wouldn’t wear, there are also some fabulous clothes and accessories that could be great additions to your closet.


One reason I love to thrift is that you can find all kinds of styles from all kinds of brands when shopping in one place.

While the experience can be overwhelming, that’s why I suggest taking a friend or starting at the smaller stores to become more comfortable with it.
Or do as we did and have one of your friends “shop” for you.

And if you don’t have great thrift stores nearby, consider online ones:
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Preworn– Before March 3, 2024, get 25% off with code Jtouch
Uncommon Closet— nonprofit to help women.
Gild the Lily–a local Michigan store that sells online.

Your Revolving Closet Rental Clothing


Who knew that I would find renting clothes such a good idea? I just wrote about Your Revolving Closet but there are many other companies that provide this same service.

It’s not a service you have to use for any amount of time. In fact, for Your Revolving Closet, you get a 30-day free trial and then you can cancel the service easily.

The advantage of this type of system is you can try out different styles without having to find room in your closet in case you don’t like them.

OR if you do love the items, you can purchase them at a discounted rate. It’s basically like Thrifting.

Boutique Stores


I’m a huge fan of supporting smaller businesses both locally and online. With boutiques, you get such a different selection of items that you won’t be worried about running into someone wearing the same things you are wearing.

It’s one of the reasons I love showcasing the things I buy from Just Be Youtiful website or her FB page both of which have different selections.
If you do check out her store or site, make sure to tell her that I sent you and/or use the code Jtouch15.

Insider tip: I always thought a “boutique” meant expensive, but trust me, many of them are more budget-oriented than you think. Especially Just Be Youtiful in her store (or FB page).

Boutique shopping includes smaller online stores too. I’ve showcased many on my site which you should check out:

Important Reminders About Change Your Closet, Change Your Life

1-Too many times we get caught up in what an item is called. How many of you ignore crop tops?

I get it.

Most of us don’t show off our midriff. BUT a crop top worn over a dress will create a fabulous, covered look.

OR if you’re short-waisted, a crop top is just the right length.

OR maybe you size up and it’s longer yet not too long that you have to worry about tucking it in.

Moral of the story-don’t worry about what it’s called or even the size. Trying something on is the way you will know about an item.

2-Remember sizing is not standard in anything including bras, shoes, or jeans. So buy the size that fits your body, not the number you think you should be.

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Ideas To Change Your Closet, Change Your Life

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Successful Idea-Change Your Closet, Change Your Life &Raquo; Different Edit Edited

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