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How to Choose an Effective Word or Theme for your New Year

Every year – and sometimes more often than once in a year – I create a visual strategic plan for the results I want to achieve and as a reminder of how I will feel when I achieve those goals.

I developed my own process several years ago based on a lifetime of experience with vision boards, goal setting and strategic planning. I also encompassed other best practices for visualization, focus and accountability. 

My process was so effective for me and some friends that I created an online, self-guided version of my methodology called the Visual Encore Plan.

One of the seven elements of the Visual Encore Plan is to choose a word that has significance and is motivating.

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, new you and new success, I am happy to share this concept with my compliments:

Excerpt from the Visual Encore Plan, Module Seven:

Choose a single word or short phrase that encapsulates your intention for the next 12 months or the term of your Encore Plan.

I recommend you choose a word or phrase that conveys action or a state of being; a VERB.

This will be your motto, your creed, your theme – a visual and auditory reinforcement of your intent and focus as you transform and evolve into the YOU that you’ve chosen.

Like Nike’s tag line “Just Do It!”, a word or verb should stir up feelings and tether your emotions to the visual plan you’ve created for your subconscious and conscious selves!

 Your VERB is added fuel to remind you to act and move toward your vision.

Your VERB should summarize the essence of your Visual Encore Plan for this term.

It is YOUR word and the meaning is what YOU assign it.

Don’t accept anyone else’s opinion.

Leverage your VERB to maintain clarity, passion and energy.

Keep is short, energetic, emphatic!


Ideas to leverage your VERB:

  • Say it often with conviction.

  • Sing it in the shower.

  • Doodle it all over your journal.

  • Wear bracelet every day that features your word*

  • Use liquid chalk or dry erase markers and scribe your VERB on mirrors, windows, appliances that you look at often.

  • Hashtag your social media posts with your VERB.

  • Place a sticker on your alarm clock so your VERB greets you each day when you open your eyes.

  • Give yourself a sharpie tattoo of your VERB – or not 😊

*The photo included here is an Image of my word for 2021 – Sovereign and thanks to, I wear my word on my wrist every day as a reminder of my intentions.

Share your word with us and inspire others!

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PS – If you are having a little trouble getting started with your vision plan, it may help to remind yourself of the incredible foundation you have already. Unlock that appreciation for your own personal currency with my downloadable workscript at www.MyEncore.ME




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