What is wrong with me?

Why am I so stupid?

Why can’t I be like everybody else?


Do you have these thoughts?

What do you do when you struggle with negative chatter?

Do you beat yourself up?

It’s an area we all struggle with at times.  And being the Reframe Queen, I can help you with that.


What?  Really?


Yep!  Here is a gift for you!  I created a video on just this topic!  


So grab some water, maybe a pen and paper and sit back and enjoy the next 14 minutes.  I hope to stretch you, uplift you, probably shake you up just a bit, and inspire you!  


Here’s the link:




Did you watch it?  How’d I do?  Better yet, how’d you do?  What will you change?

Today will you be kind to you?


Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a cheerleader to yourself instead of being a critical judge?

Maybe grow a little bit more compassion for yourself too?


How can I see this or do this differently?

What’s a better thought?

How can I be a little more gentle with myself, right now?


I send you a big hug!

Dr. Heather Browne PsyD, LMFT helps people recognize the power of communication.  It is one of our most important skills that we have, and yet we don’t consider our understanding, approach, belief, and therefore, miss our possibilities.  Living with a paranoid schizophrenic mother gave Dr. Heather a unique and powerful awareness that no one has the same reality, though we believe we do.  Utilizing this revolutionary awareness has allowed her to transform communication within self and within all other types of relationship.  This is the hidden key to acceptance.  And this is her mission to share.

As a relationship expert, Dr. Heather Browne has worked with thousands of individuals and couples in psychotherapy.  She is a TedX Speaker and Keynote Speaker. Her couple’s communication book will be out 1/24. She is published in hundreds of journals, has an active YouTube channel, has been featured on ABC-7 news, was the relationship expert on KDOC Daybreak OC, and is published in Inc., Toronto Sun, Thriving Family Magazine,  Light + Life, BRAINZ, Scary Mommy, and Psychology Today.  She is a regular guest blogger for both Links for Shrinks and for Marriage Friendly Therapists. She offers a weekly newsletter packed with tips and techniques to improve relationships and has monthly workshops! Simply go to her website!