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Spooky Halloween Treats To Make At Home That Aren’t Candy

We all know how much candy our kids and grandkids receive on Halloween that we thought it would be fun to give you some ideas for treats that aren’t candy. No matter the age, most of the ideas all kids will love!

Spook-cuterie Board (photo and recipe from

Charcuterie Board

Halloween cookie cutters

Your favorite fruits (blackberries, grapes, strawberries)

White & yellow cheeses

Melted White Chocolate

Trader Joe’s Meringue cookies

Halloween Veggie Chips

Little Debbie Pumpkin Brownies

Yogurt Pretzels

Spider Ring

Candy Eyes

Black Food Marker

Assorted Halloween Candies



Place large cookie cutters on the board and fill with fruit, popcorn and candies shown in the example.

Place grapes in a bowl and top with candy eyes.

Drizzle melted white chocolate over strawberries and add candy eyes for mummies.

Cut out Halloween shapes from sliced cheese using mini cutters.

Make a ghost face on the meringue cookies using black food marker.

Place chips and pretzels on the board.

Mummy Wrapped Juice Boxes and Squeeze PouchesThese are super easy to create and take no time at all. White medical tape and big googly eyes were wrapped around juice boxes and squeeze pouches to create these super cute halloween snacks. This would be cute to put into your child/grandchild’s lunchbox as a surprise during the month of October or for a halloween party.

Ghostly Bananas – (Both recipes and photo by Chef Lisa Lavery at ,this link) Cut a banana in half, insert a popsicle stick, and freeze. Press two mini chocolate chips (flat side facing out) for the eyes and one regular size chocolate chip to create a spooky mouth!

Mini Mandarin Pumpkins Slice a celery stick into small 1/2’ sticks and set them off to the side. Peel each mandarin orange and gently push one of the celery sticks into the top of the fruit to make a stem. This can be served with the Ghostly bananas and Ghostly Cheese Sticks below for a frightful healthy fruit and cheese tray! These are so easy to make that kids can easily help out in the kitchen.

Ghostly Cheese SticksUsing Kraft string cheese, draw a ghost face on the package! Doesn’t get any easier than this and the kids will love to help out.

Monster Fruit Cups – (Here is a great idea & photo from A Thrifty Mom)


Small clear plastic cups

Black Sharpie marker

Green grapes


Using your black Sharpie marker, draw a Frankenstein Monster face on the outside of your plastic cup. Allow the marker to dry on the cup to dry well and then fill it up with green grapes! Be sure to wash the grapes and remove any stems. They can be stored in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Bowl – (recipe and photo Frugal Coupon Living)


3 medium navel Oranges

1 cup Mixed fruit – berries, grapes, etc


Slice off the top of the oranges. Use a spoon to scoop out the orange pulp inside and set the pulp aside (you can use the pulp for fruit salad). Use a knife and carefully cut out faces on each of the Navel Oranges to look like a Jack O Lantern orange. Next, fill each orange with the mixed fruit/berries of your choice and ENJOY!

Halloween Sandwiches

Whole Wheat bread, Horizon Organic American Cheese slices and Deli Turkey slices. Assemble your sandwiches and using an assortment of Halloween Cookie Cutters, cut out fun Halloween shaped sandwiches!

Nutritious Candy Corn Popsicles – (recipe and photo from the girl inspired)

We love this one!


Plain or Vanilla Greek Yogurt

100% Orange Juice

100% Pineapple juice


Add the yogurt to the bottom of the mold and place in freezer for 5-10 minutes. Next add the orange juice and freeze that layer for another 5-10 minutes and then top with the pineapple juice and freeze again. Plan ahead if you’re using a traditional popsicle mold as each layer may take a little longer to set. That’s it! You’ve got yummy AND healthy candy corn popsicles!! You can find a similar mold here on Amazon. On a side note, while it’s not necessary to add food coloring to really make the colors pop, you could add a tad of orange and yellow food coloring to the juice before freezing them. We found a Natural Gel Food Coloring that has plant-based ingredients, is vegan friendly and gluten free! It can be found HERE on Amazon.

Jack-O-Lantern QuesadillasUsing a cookie cutter or Kid-Safe Knife to cut out this cute pumpkin face for the top layer of the quesadilla.

Haunted Halloween PizzaTop your pizza with a slice of mozzarella cheese cut with your favorite ghostly cookie cutter. This one was made on a mini bagel. Using Halloween cookie cutters, such as bats, ghosts or pumpkins to cut the mozzarella slices is fun for everyone. These spooky skeleton mushrooms would also be a fun addition to your Haunted Halloween Pizza.

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