Year End Gift – Abc’s Of Maturity

For years now, I have periodically re-visited a chart I made for myself eons ago.  It has undergone numerous reincarnations; presumably following the evolution of my own life and ideas.

It was originally produced for my first (and now out-of-print) book, cited in the footnote.  However, I had actually been working on it long before that.  So, taking it out of the closet once again and shaking off the virtual mothball-smelling dust, I updated it (at least) one more time.

My Gift to You

I offer this ABCs chart to you as a year-end gift.  I hope you can relate to it for the reminders we all need occasionally.  I trust that these ABCs are valuable for most people, but you might simply use it for inspiration to create your own.  For a friendly, easy-to-print version that can be printed and hung at the shaving mirror, make-up table or computer monitor, see the link at the end.

Happy Year-End Holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate or honor.

Year End Gift – Abc’s Of Maturity &Raquo; Abc Maturity A L 1 560X372 1Year End Gift – Abc’s Of Maturity &Raquo; Abc Maturity M Z 2 560X368 1Inspired by original version of ABCs from “120 years and Holding, a Smorgasbord of Options for Everyday Wellness and Superior Longevity” (out of print) by Barbara Klein   ABCs originally inspired by numerous sources: like Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey Leadership Center, Provo, UT, 1997). Also works of Anthony Robbins, Earl Nightingale, Barbara Sher, Wayne Dyer, Brain Tracy, Og Mandino and many other gurus, as well as by a myriad of bumper stickers over the years.

* Gazingus pins represent any item or product that you just can’t pass by without buying.  From Your Money or Your Life: Transforming your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence (first published 1992 by Penguin Books) by Vicki Robin and the late Joe Dominguez.

Print-Friendly Version

Click here for print version: Adult ABCs – Getting More out of Life Lessons.

See you in the New Year,

Picture credit: Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

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I hit the Second 50 mark a while back, but have my sights on a different goal –much longer, quality living.

While I may have a ‘dr’ in front of my name, the credentials for this blog are the same as yours – I am on a journey to Age with Pizzazz, whether that is body, mind, spirit or just fun and learning.  It is important to me to share related information with others as well.

I currently live in Southern Oregon with my husband, Michael.  I have had the good fortune (well, usually good fortune) to have called several states my home: Vermont, New York (family home with various locations along the way), Massachusetts (a short stint), Georgia, West Virginia, Connecticut, Arizona and most recently (2014) Oregon.

I grew up in upstate New York to a financially-modest family and did most of my schooling there.  My undergraduate work was in education (music and special education).  I did post graduate work in music therapy (and became an RMT – Registered Music Therapist).  My master’s degree from The New School in New York was in Hospital and Health Care Administration – and also convinced me that along with wonderful advancements, much is wrong with our traditional American medical and health care system (at least at that point).  There was a year more of pre-med courses in the southeast and then a doctorate degree in chiropractic (an industry that also has its many up and down sides).

I often joke that I have had as many professions or jobs as I do fingers.  To live up to that claim, I will name some: waitress, low-level banker, music and special Ed teacher, music therapist, mental health professional, gig performer, real estate agent (for which I had a shot at being the worst ever), probation officer, chiropractor, author and consultant.

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