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The Expanding Role Of The Home Care Industry &Raquo; Lance Slatton 300X203 1

The expanding role of the home care industry

In recent years, the home care industry has experienced a significant transformation, expanding its role beyond the traditional confines of caregiving. What was once primarily known for providing essential assistance to the elderly and disabled within the comfort of their homes has now evolved into a multifaceted sector offering a broad range of services and […]

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The Increased Need For Home Care And How To Meet The Demand &Raquo; Lance Slatton 300X203 1

The increased need for home care and how to meet the demand

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in the preferences of individuals seeking care, with a growing inclination towards receiving care in the comfort of their own homes rather than opting for institutional facilities. This rising interest in home care, however, has brought to light a significant challenge: the scarcity of caregivers to […]

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Do We Really Need To Leave A Legacy? &Raquo; Marc Joseph

Do We Really Need to Leave a Legacy?

In a world filled with fleeting moments and transient experiences, the concept of legacy stands as a testament to the enduring impact individuals can have on society. But do we really need to leave a legacy? According to the Population Reference Bureau, 117 billion members of our species have been born on Earth since the […]

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How Home Care Companies Can Optimize Operations &Raquo; Lance Slatton 300X203 1

How home care companies can optimize operations

In recent years, the demand for home care services has surged, driven by an aging population and a growing preference for personalized healthcare solutions. Home care companies play a pivotal role in providing these essential services that enable individuals to receive medical attention, assistance with their daily activities, and companionship within the comfort of their […]

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The State Of Caregiving For 2024 &Raquo; Lance Slatton 300X203 1

The state of caregiving for 2024

A significant discrepancy has formed over the past decade between the number of people needing care and the number of professional caregivers available. This was significantly exacerbated in 2023, with caregivers becoming more exhausted than ever. Whether due to financial constraints or the struggling economy, almost 1 in 5 Americans who were providing care in […]

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Why Is Growing Older So Lonely? &Raquo; Marc Joseph

Why is Growing Older So Lonely?

Growing older is a natural part of life’s journey, yet for many, it comes with a sense of loneliness. When we were kids, teenagers, and young adults, we often determined our self-worth by the number of friends we had in our circle. As we begin to get older, we may prefer having fewer, but closer […]

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Is Giving Back In Our Dna? &Raquo; Marc Joseph

Is Giving Back in Our DNA?

Since the beginning of America, we have been a very giving people. Starting with the Pilgrims in 1630, neighbors relied on each other to survive the harsh winters. The settlers raised each other’s barns, hosted quilting bees for the community, and built common areas in their towns. Benjamin Franklin, one of the most famous American […]

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Our Favorite Holiday Gifts Under $20 &Raquo; Screenshot 2023 12 07 At 4.33.05 Pm 250X249 1

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts Under $20

The holiday gift shopping and giving season is here again…how did that happen? We often participate in gift exchanges, sometimes called Yankee swaps, with family and friends. One never knows who will end up with which mystery gift, so we’re always on the lookout for fun, interesting, and inexpensive gifts appropriate for whomever might end […]

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Diy Holiday Tech Gifts &Raquo; Screenshot 2023 11 30 At 12.15.50 Pm 250X206 1

DIY Holiday Tech Gifts

Some of the best gifts to give are those you’ve made yourself! Here is an opportunity to use your tech skills to offer unique and valued gifts this year. These ideas use technology you already have (or can easily borrow) to make thoughtful and well-regarded gifts using that most precious commodity, your time! As thoughtful […]

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Supporting Caregivers’ Physical And Mental Health For Retention, On-The-Job Satisfaction &Raquo; Lance Slatton 1024X752 1

Supporting caregivers’ physical and mental health for retention, on-the-job satisfaction

Having supports in place to support caregivers’ physical and mental health are key for both retention and work satisfaction. Without this, home care companies are facing an ever-greater loss as the mass exodus from the workforce continues. To properly support caregivers in the home care industry, there are a few different approaches to consider. Comprehensive… […]

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