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Pour Me Another Cup: Mystical Writings to Illuminate Your Soul

 Author: Stephanie Acello  Category: Body, Mind & Spirit  Published: 14 Jun, 2019  ISBN: 1732853304  Pages: 380  Language: English  Tags: Body | Book | Mind & Spirit | Stephanie Acello |  Buy Now

In our fast-paced and hectic world it can be difficult to quiet the mind and reconnect to the true Essence of who we are. Stephanie Acello uniquely communicates universal wisdoms on all aspects of life, revealing the mystery of Self. Turn to any page, read and allow the transformation to take hold. Pour Me Another Cup is a collection of mystical poetic insights and stories called Heart Writings. Lighthearted, inspirational, and profound, these writings offer an invaluable guide to reinstate your relationship with Heart and Soul. To deepen the connection even more, at the end of every chapter is a Sacred Moment Meditation. Allow these writings to illuminate your Soul and stir your Heart.

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