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Balancing the Stones: Mystical Writings to Wake Up Your Soul

 Author: Stephanie Acello  Category: Body, Mind & Spirit  Published: 26 Oct, 2021  ISBN: 1732853312  Pages: 282  Language: English  Tags: Body | Book | Mind & Spirit | Stephanie Acello |  Buy Now

The world is changing rapidly in all areas of our lives; we face more demands than ever before. It can be challenging to remain balanced and connected to the unchanging essence of our True Self. Stephanie Acello, a mystic poet, translates into words those Inner Secrets we all yearn to experience and know in order to cultivate inner peace. Every page contains spiritual insights to contemplate and meditate on- creating the opportunity to have a shift in consciousness within moments. Balancing the Stones is the second collection of mystical poetic insights and stories called Heart Writings-short, powerful, and inspirational writings to foster wonder and awareness about our lives and the world we live in. To deepen your awareness, at the end of each chapter you’ll find a Sacred Moment Contemplation. Allow these writings to energize your Soul and open your Heart. It is time to wake up!

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