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Key Factors For Happiness &Raquo; Great Job Emoji Background Png

Key Factors for Happiness

Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey have written a thought-provoking book together. It’s called Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier. Yep. There are other books on how to get happy. Why is this one different? One of the many things I enjoy about this content is that Brooks and […]

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Embracing Change In The New Year &Raquo; Embracing Change Deborah Johnson 1024 X 683 150X150 1

Embracing Change in the New Year

The new year offers a prime opportunity for embracing change due to its inherent symbolism of fresh beginnings and renewed energy. But change can be hard! As the calendar resets for a new year, it signifies a chance for us to mentally reset, setting new goals and intentions. As we celebrate a new year, there […]

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From Junkie’s Daughter To Unstoppable Women With Stephanie Dauble &Raquo; Unstoppable Woman Stephanie Dauble 1024 X 683 150X150 1

From Junkie’s Daughter to Unstoppable Women with Stephanie Dauble

To be an unstoppable woman is to live with an unwavering determination to overcome challenges and obstacles and it’s what characterizes Stephanie Dauble’s life. As a junkie’s daughter, she’s had to possess immense resilience, refusing to be deterred by setbacks or failures. It has been far from easy and only recently has she been able […]

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Journeying Through Journaling With Donna Mazzitelli Part 1 &Raquo; Pexels Cottonbro Studio 6830877 683X1024 1

Journeying through Journaling with Donna Mazzitelli Part 1

In a recent episode of Live Community, host Donna Mazzitelli delves into the transformative practice of journaling. This session serves as an introduction to a series that promises to explore the depths of journaling in subsequent episodes. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the podcast – Part 1 The Art of […]

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