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Do You Want To Continue To Be Exhausted Or Be Empowered? &Raquo; Logo The Accountability Coach

Do you want to continue to be Exhausted or be Empowered?

Do you want to continue to be Exhausted or be Empowered?   If you are an Entrepreneur and want to be empowered, you must listen to my interview with Elizabeth Gould, Certified Master Neuroplastician and Best-Selling Author who loves taking entrepreneurs from exhausted to empowered. I know you will find my guest to be super… […]

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Things to be Grateful for as You Age

Are you struggling to find things to be grateful for as you grow older? It can be challenging to acknowledge what we’re thankful for at times, and that’s okay! Here is a potential list of things to be grateful for if you are over 60.  Not everyone has everything on the list, but I hope […]

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Find Something To Enjoy &Raquo; Pauladtozer

Find Something to Enjoy

Don’t love your work? Can’t wait to get the heck out of there when your shift is done? It’s up to you to find some part of your job to enjoy. Let’s get real: You signed on for this work. You agreed to their terms and conditions. Even if you felt you had no choice […]

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Key Factors For Happiness &Raquo; Great Job Emoji Background Png

Key Factors for Happiness

Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey have written a thought-provoking book together. It’s called Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier. Yep. There are other books on how to get happy. Why is this one different? One of the many things I enjoy about this content is that Brooks and […]

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Finding Joy Amongst Life’s Challenges

Wendy – Hey, Boomer In this blog post, I delve into the sincere question: How do we find joy amongst life’s challenges? Life is undoubtedly a journey filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Father Richard Rohr’s powerful words resonate deeply: “Life will be tough; the only question is whether we will become tougher, […]

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The Best Is Yet To Come &Raquo; Shutterstock 2344018595 300X205 1

The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy New Year, friends! A new year, a fresh start is upon us. But before we jump into 2024, let’s refresh ourselves with the topics that resonated with you this past year. What better way to start fast in the new year than to build on what we have already learned together?  It’s not surprising […]

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Five Weeks of BADASSERY: Week Five

For the next seven days: Appreciate something. What you appreciate, appreciates. Raise the value of your experiences by finding something in each one to appreciate (sometimes it’s enough to appreciate the fact that you survived to live another day), your tools (consider all the effort and energy of the people who made the wonderful tools […]

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Who’s Up For A Thanksgiving Challenge? &Raquo; Shutterstock 493381651 300X200 1

Who’s up for a Thanksgiving Challenge?

Well, here we are again, my fellow food enthusiasts, in that glorious time of the year when we hide our scales and drown our worries in gravy and pie. It’s Thanksgiving, the stretchy-pants holiday, and boy, do we have a lot to be grateful for this year. Remember last Thanksgiving? We were all busy being […]

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