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Faris Aranki

The 1-Wish Genie In A Bottle Technique To Navigate Challenging Times &Raquo;

The 1-wish Genie in a bottle technique to navigate challenging times

That genie looks awfully familiar About 20 years ago I remember reading about the Stockdale Paradox in the book Good To Great. Based around the mantra; “This too shall pass” and the ability to confront brutal facts, it was highlighted as a great technique for dealing with uncertainty and challenging times. Initially I thought this was a […]

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Ways To Stay Top Of Mind As A Small Business &Raquo; 1Bgd1

Ways to stay top of mind as a small business

This is all of us chasing the moon [This is a version of an article originally written for The Portfolio Collective about portfolio careers] It’s arguably harder than ever to stand out in the modern world; not only does the average person consume about 74GB of information per day (the equivalent of 16 movies) but a […]

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Losing Business Never Gets Easier — Writing About It Helps &Raquo; 1Myyu Bq3Bv3Rnhnxtroccq

Losing business never gets easier — writing about it helps

Me looking wistful just after I receive a response about an outstanding proposal I love running a start-up; it ticks so many boxes for me such as: the massive improvements to my quality of life, the levels of variety it affords me, the uplift in my independence, the healthy challenge to build something from nothing, […]

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