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Deborah Lukovich

Need Your Ass Kicked? &Raquo; File 15

Need Your Ass Kicked?

I don’t know where the moon is in its monthly cycle, but this is turning into an interesting week.   Of course, it all started with a dream:   Rob Thomas, the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty and I are in a car.  He’s driving, and we’re listening to his song, Someday. I say, “I […]

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My Clients Teach Me So Much: Random Reflections &Raquo; File 4

My Clients Teach Me So Much: Random Reflections

C.G. Jung, one of the founders of depth psychology, believed strongly that effective therapy was indicated by the transformation of both the patient and therapist. My approach to working with clients begins with the humble knowledge that I am presented with the people and situations that when explored ensure mutual transformation. I am more of […]

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A Chat About The Film Poor Things W/Pj Dever &Raquo; File 9

A Chat About the Film Poor Things w/PJ Dever

I’ve been wanting to incorporate my thoughts about the deeper meaning of movies into my Dose of Depth podcast, and I guess my recent viewing of the movie Poor Things pushed me over the procrastination ledge. I couldn’t think of a better person to have this conversation with than my friend and former colleague, PJ […]

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