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Ann M. Hester

Is Telehealth A Good Option? &Raquo; Telehealth Concept Doctor Video Call With Couple S 2022 12 16 10 13 05 Utc 1024X576 1

Is Telehealth a Good Option?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of health care were ramped up. Learning to complete tasks at breakneck speed and under dire circumstances was a challenge during the pandemic. Technological advances were vital. Due to the high rate of infectivity of the virus, the healthcare landscape had to pivot to a new way of […]

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Frustrated With Healthcare? You’re Not Alone. &Raquo; Doctor And Patient 2021 08 26 21 42 35 Utc 1024X683 1

Frustrated with Healthcare? You’re Not Alone.

Sometimes it feels like healthcare is moving from being a compassionate profession to a robotic system. Doctors are frustrated. Patients are frustrated. At times, this “new and improved” healthcare system seems like it churns patients in and out of a revolving door. Insurance companies must contain costs, just like every other type of business. Otherwise, […]

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Doctors and Patients Must Communicate Better

America has long been facing a healthcare crisis. The loss of a job can mean the difference between having superior healthcare coverage for you and your family and having none. But millions of Americans don’t benefit from employer-sponsored healthcare and struggle to receive even the most basic care. Yet no one can afford to take […]

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A Trip to the ER? Know Your Medications.

If the ER doctor does not know your medications, he is left in the dark about making important decisions. For example, he might order something other than a drug you really need. Or he might order a medication that interacts negatively with medication still in your system. Therefore, knowing your medications is crucial! When you […]

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You Need A Personal Copy Of Your Health Records &Raquo; Untitled Design 40 724X1024 1

You Need a Personal Copy of Your Health Records

Since the days of the family doctor seeing a patient from delivery to retirement are all but gone, a personal medical record is an invaluable tool. Communication with future physicians can be accomplished without the untimely delays of waiting weeks or longer to receive prior records from another physician – if that doctor is still […]

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Your Doctor Doesn’t See You In The Hospital? &Raquo; Upset Senior Woman With Cancer Sitting On Bed In H 2022 12 16 18 14 47 Utc 1024X683 1

Your Doctor Doesn’t See You in the Hospital?

Suppose you go to the emergency room and need to be admitted. But your private doctor does not see patients in that (or any) hospital. In that case, the ER physician might admit you to a hospital specialist or a hospitalist. Hospitalists are medical providers who admit patients, round on them daily, and then discharge […]

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What Is Patient-Centered Care? &Raquo; 2560 1709 1024X684 1

What is Patient-Centered Care?

In the past, doctors took the lead, and patients were expected to blindly follow. This is a new day. The patient-centered care model of health care is gaining popularity for a good reason. With patient-centered care, YOUR specific needs and desired outcomes drive the decision-making process and quality measurements. As a result, you are given […]

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What to Take to Your Doctor’s Appointment

So, you’ve made an appointment to see your doctor. Now what? Know what to take with you on the visit to optimize your time with the doctor. Regardless of the visit type, take the following: Insurance card Your medications/medication list List of your questions for the day  It would be best if you prioritized the […]

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