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November 14th, 2023

30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success: This is Your Work To Do (23/30)

  1. 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success: This is Your Work To Do (23/30) Empty Nest Coach Christine Oakfield 11:58

In this podcast episode, a reminder that all of this is your work to do.

“If your choices and actions don’t impact them [others] directly, or they don’t bring you to a “hell, yes” then proceed careful – not carefully – consciously.”

Legal disclaimer: Listening to this podcast doesn’t make Christine your official coach, and this podcast is not meant to replace your doctor or therapist. Curious? Click here for the deets!

Looking for an episode transcript? You’ll find it in this episode’s page here.

Episode Topics & Their Minute Markers

  • 00:42 Skip the intro & jump into today’s topic: The first meaning of “This is Your Work To Do”
  • 06:04 Adding to our analogy
  • 09:32 The second meaning of “This Is Your Work To Do” 
  • 11:30 Journal Prompt

💚 Send audio feedback to Coach Christine now: voicemail/text to 920-LIFEWIN (920-543-3946). 

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Christine Oakfield Empty Nest Coach
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