1. 2.12 A Millennial's Remote Work Perspective with Haley Stafford WFHForever.com 35:26

In this insightful podcast episode, meet Haley Stafford, a dedicated, hardworking, and goal-oriented millennial with over five years of remote work experience.

As a public relations manager for Brielle Cotterman Media, Haley shares her journey of adapting to remote work, emphasizing the importance of proactive communication and persistent mentorship in a virtual setting.

She sheds light on the challenges of remote work, such as combating loneliness, but also highlights the flexibility and savings it offers.

Haley offers valuable advice on finding remote opportunities, discussing her six-month job search on LinkedIn and the significance of being assertive in the hiring process.

With a focus on work-life balance and the desire to start a family, Haley advocates for the benefits of remote work, challenging stereotypes about millennials and emphasizing their innovative contributions to the evolving workplace.

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