1. Photosynthetic Sea Slugs, Venomous Cone Snails, and Brilliant Cephalopods with Michael Middlebrooks Tyler Gleckler 53:20

Today I’ll be speaking with Dr. Michael Middlebrooks, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Tampa. Michael is a marine ecologist and invertebrate zoologist, with an infectious enthusiasm for underwater life, and in particular, sea slugs. Much of Michael’s work has centered around photosynthetic sea slugs, truly bizarre organisms with many mysteries still outstanding. Michael and I discuss these creatures and so much more, including what scientists hope to learn from the venom of cone snails and the remarkable nature of cephalopod intelligence. 

My name is Tyler Gleckler, I am a chemist by education, and the host of the Wiser Tomorrow Podcast. I am part of a generation who grew up watching and sometimes even idolizing online figures who championed science, education, and intellectualism. From Dr. Philip Mason to Professor Richard Dawkins, my teenage years were heavily influenced by these people and their ideas, and am evidence of their impact. In my search of a happy and productive career, I’ve come to realize that my dream is to share knowledge, foster curiosity, and highlight those who lead by example.