1. Jared Henderson - Books, Beliefs, and the Battle Against Nihilism Tyler Gleckler 1:10:14

Today I'm speaking with Dr. Jared Henderson, philosopher, YouTuber, and co-host of “The Classical Mind” podcast. Jared received his PhD in philosophy, specializing in the philosophy of language and logic, having also published in philosophical theology. Over the last several months, Jared has begun to share his thoughts and ideas on books and philosophy, exploring the way they impact our lives. Our conversation covered a lot of ground, including the implications of artificial intelligence, the toxic nature of the modern media landscape, and combating nihilistic thinking to find meaning in our lives. 

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@_jared
Podcast – https://theclassicalmind.com/

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My name is Tyler Gleckler, I am a chemist by education, and the host of the Wiser Tomorrow Podcast. I am part of a generation who grew up watching and sometimes even idolizing online figures who championed science, education, and intellectualism. From Dr. Philip Mason to Professor Richard Dawkins, my teenage years were heavily influenced by these people and their ideas, and am evidence of their impact. In my search of a happy and productive career, I’ve come to realize that my dream is to share knowledge, foster curiosity, and highlight those who lead by example.