1. 260: All Y'Alls Foods Aims to be Largest Cruelty-Free Jerky Company Kathleen Gage 26:53

We’re joined on this episode of the Vegan Visibility Podcast by Brett Christoffel, the CEO of All Y’all Foods, who brings over 20 years of corporate sales and sales management experience to the table. A 2020 graduate of the Austin SKU accelerator, Brett has been steering All Y’all Foods successfully for over four years. He discusses his significant transition from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a plant-based lifestyle, a journey that inspired his thriving vegan enterprise.

Personal Journey: Brett delves into his unique dietary transformation, beginning with his first encounter with Meatless Mondays, which challenged his traditional meat-centric perspective. He shares a humorous anecdote about his inaugural experience with a meatless snack and reveals the eye-opening realization about animal cruelty and the nutritional capacity of plants that catalyzed his switch to veganism.

Cognitive Dissonance and the Reality of Meat Consumption: Brett underscores the cognitive dissonance prevalent in society when it comes to meat consumption. He advocates for a better understanding of the realities of meat production and consumption, encouraging people to embrace more peaceful, kind, and compassionate lifestyles, starting with their dietary choices.

Kathleen Gage Visibility and Marketing Strategist

Kathleen Gage is a highly seasoned business consultant, keynote speaker, author, marketing strategist and visibility mentor. She is the founder of Vegan Visibility, a marketing and visibility consulting company dedicated to working with clients who promote healthy living, compassion for the animals and kindness to the planet.

For nearly three decades, Kathleen has worked in a wide array of industries, including high-tech, digital marketing, art, music, publishing, government, healthcare, pet services, environmental, health and fitness, spiritual, and manufacturing, to name a few.