1. 36. A Prescription to Disease Proof the Body Against Cancer, Slow Aging and Improve Wellness with Dr. Joel Fuhrman Diane Gilman 32:17

In this episode of Too Young To Be Old, your host, Diane Gilman, the queen of jeans, sits down with renowned doctor and bestselling author, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Together, they explore the secrets to healthy living, weight loss, and disease reversal. Dr. Fuhrman, with seven bestselling books under his belt, including his most recent work, Eat for Life.

Dr. Fuhrman discusses his work which targets three main areas: weight loss, slowing aging, and disease reversal – he emphasizes the significance of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

The Dark Side of Medications

Diane dives into the current trends in weight loss, questioning the rise of medications like Ozempic. Dr. Fuhrman sheds light on the financial incentives for doctors to prescribe medications, raising concerns about the long-term risks and side effects associated with these drugs. He advocates for the power of healthy eating, stressing the absence of dangerous side effects compared to pharmaceutical solutions.

Unveiling the Secrets to Arthritis Management

The conversation turns to arthritis, with Diane sharing her journey of reducing gluten intake to combat inflammation. Dr. Fuhrman says that gluten usually isn’t the problem. He recommends his book Eat for Live for deeper insights, where there is an entire lifestyle recommendation. He highlights the importance of reducing salt for overall wellness and anti-aging. Additionally, Dr. Fuhrman offers practical advice on addressing knee issues, focusing on proper alignment and recommending the Power Step Pinnacle Max insoles for those with pronounced flat feet.

The Anti-Cancer Arsenal: GBOMBS and Nutritarian Diet

Dr. Fuhrman introduces GBOMBS – greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds – the six foods backed by scientific research to prevent cancer. He stresses the significance of a Nutritarian diet in protecting against cancer and other diseases. As a preventive measure, he encourages incorporating these foods into daily meals.

Beyond Surgery: Soft Wave TRT 

Discussing arthritis treatments, Dr. Fuhrman suggests exploring alternatives like soft wave TRT before considering surgery. 

Success Stories and the Future of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Fuhrman shares heartwarming success stories of patients reversing diseases, including 75% of type 2 diabetics he works with becoming non-diabetic within the first month. The discussion touches on the Accord study, emphasizing the correlation between the number of drugs taken and a shorter lifespan. 

For cancer patients Dr. Fuhrman speaks about the different types of cancer and the different types of treatment necessary. But regardless of the treatment he stresses the need for nutritional excellence alongside it. Dr. Fuhrman concludes optimistically, noting the growing acceptance of lifestyle medicine among doctors, heralding a healthier future for all.

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