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August 7th, 2023

Balancing Business and Family

  1. Balancing Business and Family Spring Richardson-Perry 29:08

In this episode of the Spring Forward podcast, host Spring Richardson Perry and guest Shara Ruffin explore the concept of work-life fusion and strategies for balancing work and family life. They discuss the challenges of working from home and offer tips for setting boundaries between work and personal life. The conversation also highlights the importance of Self-Care and the impact of stress on physical and mental health. Shara shares her personal experiences and tools for staying organized and focused. The unique challenges faced by mental health professionals in addressing their own mental health needs are also discussed. The conversation concludes with insights into the rewards and challenges of being an entrepreneur and the importance of networking and connecting with others in the business world.

Spring Richardson-Perry The Spring Forward Podcast

With a wealth of experience in organizational effectiveness and career transition coaching, Spring excels in steering individuals and organizations towards their full potential. Beyond consulting, she's the voice behind The Spring Forward Podcast, a platform dedicated to fostering growth, sharing insights, and inspiring action among professionals and nonprofits alike. As a recognized thought leader, Spring blends strategic thinking with a passion for making a difference, ensuring every step you take is towards excellence. Join her as she helps you navigate the path to success and fulfillment, one empowering step at a time.

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