1. Health, Fitness, and Wellness in Retirement Joe Allaria 36:06

Without your health how could you enjoy your Retirement? The time is now to invest in your health! In this episode, Joe Allaria, CFP®, gets the chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Tibor Kopjas and discuss ways to stay healthy, get fit, and feel great in Retirement.

About Our Guest
Dr. Tibor Kopjas, a practitioner for over 30 years in Maryville, IL. He returned to his original vision of patient-focused healthcare in 2019 when he began partnering with MDVIP to prioritize personalized care.

Resources Mentioned

  1. MD VIP Website
  2. Dr.Kopjas.com 

Listener Question

  1. I was born in 1953.  I have been collecting 1/2 of my husband’s SS benefits and continuing to grow my own.  As I turned 70 in February, how long can I continue to collect 1/2 of his?  Is there an age limit?  Thank you for your time.
  2.  I am (husband) 69 years old, still working, not claiming social security. My wife is 70 years old and was born in May 1953. She has been receiving social security for the last 2yrs based on her short working years and her benefits are much smaller. Can she claim spousal benefits based on my working record, but I have not claimed SS yet? Planning to take my SS next year when I turn 70 yrs. Thank you in advance.
  3.  My husband is already drawing his benefits…he was born in October of 1952. I’ll hit FRA in September of 2023. Do I qualify for the restricted Filing application? 

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