1. How To Be A Protector Of Women - MTP384 Scot McKay 41:38

Co-Host Beth Warford (https://mountaintoppodcast.com/loaded) Who better to explain what makes a woman feel safe and protected than a woman who specializes in it? My guest is the founder of Pretty Loaded in North Dakota, and is dedicated to equipping both men AND women to be their own first responders. What do you need to be your own first responder? To that end, Beth starts off by showing you how you can use situational awareness every day. Why do criminals go after soft targets…and how can you be a hard target instead? Why is it imperative to talk with your partner about safety and come up with a plan? What are some pre-attack body language indicators? What do South Korean border guards do that we all can and should emulate (and it’s easy)? Next up, I share a real-world security situation I encountered recently with Beth. What did I do right, and what could I have done better? Next, find out what is typically taught for the first half of concealed carry training, and why it’s not surprising. And what are some other ways besides firearms that men can become better protectors immediately? I mean, for starters, should a grown-ass man carry pepper spray? How can you talk to a woman on a first date to indicate you’re all about her protection? Given that the world thankfully isn’t constantly full of life-threatening situations, what can we as men do during the course of normal, everyday life to make women feel safer? Hint: There’s one BIG one that most younger guys don’t figure out until they get older. How does natural human nature often hinder us in panic security situations? What are some ‘boneheaded’ security situations men typically drag women into that could be easily avoided? Is there anything extra to think about when your kids are with you? And finally, what should you do if another man disrespects your wife or girlfriend when you’re out with her? Get in on the new audio program Women And AI and more when you visit https://mountaintoppodcast.com


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Scot McKay Dating Strategist

Scot McKay has shared bad jokes with North Korean military officers, sipped coffee at Pablo Escobar’s home (served by his maid), survived a shark attack while surfing, held his breath as the pride of lions walked by his tent, and blitzed through California canyons with his knee on the double-yellow line at 140 mph. Yet somehow, he has also been referred to as the “sane one” on Twitter by Scott Adams, of all people.

But despite once being mobbed by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, being able to back a 30′ travel trailer into its slot on the first try, and that time he beat the World Champion at his own sport (no details provided), he’s still the most objective and down-to-earth dating expert out there.

He’s also the most fluff-free fountainhead of original content in his field, if only because that’s what seventeen years of immersive geekery on the subject does for someone.

Scot’s wife Emily is his “proof of concept”, given that she’s just as sweet as she is smokin’ hot and still gets carded at her age. But you’ll never hear her brag about any of that, only Scot.

His show The Mountain Top has also been named a Top 10 Dating Podcast by DatingAdvice.com, and a long time ago Grader.com weirdly ranked Scot the #1 most influential Facebook user in the world.