1. 273. In an uncertain world, the gift of MAYBE will set you FREE with Allison Carmen Gina Cavalier 46:50

We are living in an unprecedented era of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress. A recent study from the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals that nearly 76% of adults now admit to experiencing stress due to the overwhelming uncertainty that plagues our nation. Moreover, 62% express disbelief in the idea that “our children are going to inherit a better world than we did.” Is it possible, amidst this turmoil, to transform uncertainty into an asset and reshape our outlook, even during these turbulent times? This is where the eagerly awaited audiobook, THE GIFT OF MAYBE: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times by Allison Carmen (Tantor Media; Narrated by Kim Niemi; Release Date: November 21, 2023; Duration: 5 hrs.), holds the potential to truly impact people’s lives for the better. In THE GIFT OF MAYBE audiobook, Allison Carmen, a distinguished CFO, author, podcaster, and attorney, escorts us away from the ceaseless cycles of stress and anxiety that stem from our apprehensions about the future – whether related to our careers, relationships, finances, or the state of the world. Allison, who has herself battled with being a “certainty addict” and intimately understands the pull of despair and hopelessness that uncertainty can bring, provides a clear roadmap for embracing the ‘Maybe’ mindset. This shift liberates us to live in the present moment and nurture hope and possibility even in challenging circumstances. Allison vividly illustrations this transition in her two widely shared Daily Beast articles: 1) Life After Ken: When Barbie’s Dreamhouse Becomes a Clubhouse and 2) Watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reruns Is Not the Secret of Life (EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN). Both essays reveal the practical applications of ‘Maybe’ in today’s world, particularly in coping with the anxiety and stress from daily and global uncertainty, an issue that disproportionately affects women. The audiobook release of THE GIFT OF MAYBE could not be timelier. Within its compelling narrative, Allison Carmen teaches us that our fear of uncertainty need not chain us to a life consumed by fear and despair. Rather, it offers a pathway to hope. This audiobook is set to amass a devoted following because it teaches us how to: • Embrace uncertainty as a source of hope instead of stress and worry. • Cultivate gratitude even when facing unpredictable challenges. • Accept the wisdom hidden within challenging and perplexing experiences. • Discover joy and possibilities, even in the face of adversity. • Overcome self-doubt and embark on a journey towards a more authentic and creative life. In an interview, Allison can delve into her personal experiences, including the sudden end of her decades-long marriage, her profound encounter with the spiritual concept of ‘Maybe’ as featured on Oprah.com, and her highly acclaimed “10 Minutes to Less Suffering” podcast, ranked as the #1 Best Stress Podcast. Allison Carmen is the guiding light that our world needs today, offering guidance through job loss, health crises, and financial difficulties. Through THE GIFT OF MAYBE she imparts the invaluable lesson that uncertainty can spark hope. The audiobook, narrated with power and conviction by Kim Niemi, will undoubtedly resonate with both listeners and readers. @theliberatedhealer

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The Liberated Healer (TLH) is a wellness brand led by Gina Cavalier, a former entertainment and technology executive, entrepreneur, and intuitive healer. She is bringing her healing modalities to the world to help those who want to learn to heal themselves, yo call in more love, and find their preferred life path. She is doing this by way of providing content all surrounded by wellness - mind, body, and spirit to reveal a variety of modalities to help those on their search to heal themselves.