Friday - June 14th, 2024
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Bulldog Drummond: The Subway Murder Case (EP4414)

  1. Bulldog Drummond: The Subway Murder Case (EP4414) Adam Graham Radio Detective Podcasts 42:28

Today’s Mystery: A mysterious man with amnesia asks Captain Drummond to meet him on a subway, alleges someone’s try to kill him and is then murdered.

Original Radio Broadcast Date: July 12, 1943

Originating in New York

Starring: Ned Wever as Bulldog Drummond, Luis Van Rooten as Denny, Jackson Beck

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Join us again tomorrow for another detective drama from the Golden Age of Radio.

Adam Graham Independent Podcaster

Adam Graham has been hosting Old Time Radio podcasts since 2007, his best known being the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio which has been putting out daily detective episodes since October 26, 2009. He also is host of the Amazing World of Radio (2017-) and the Old Time Radio Snack Wagon (2023-Present)

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