1. Ep #123 | Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit in Children with Joey Bouchard 47:13

In this episode, Young interviews Joey Bouchard, CEO and founder of QuoteWell, who recently welcomed his first child, Rex. Together, they explore the transformative experience of welcoming a newborn. Joey shares his unique approach to parenting, discussing his aspirations for his son and emphasizing the value of instilling core principles from an early age. The conversation also delves into the significance of work, the challenges of balancing a loving relationship with effective child-rearing, and the secrets to successful pawn shop shopping.

Listen & Discover:

  • Insights on the lucrative industry of insurance
  • Joey’s approach to being a parent and his aspirations for his son
  • The value of work and the importance of teaching children about work and business
  • The secret to shopping at a pawn shop
  • Joey’s favorite book Never Split the Difference

Throughout the conversation, Joey shares valuable perspectives on parenting and instilling core values in children. 

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Joey Bouchard is the CEO and founder of QuoteWell, a technology-driven marketplace for business insurance. QuoteWell’s mission is to help business owners and their agents find specialty insurance solutions faster, in a more data-driven way, and at a fair price. QuoteWell has raised over $20M in funding, and is backed by New Enterprise Associates. Prior to QuoteWell, Joey worked at Palantir for over five years, leading teams across all three major divisions of the company: Business Development, Product Development, and Operations. His work at Palantir spanned financial services, insurance, consumer packaged goods, and the Department of Defense. After Palantir, Joey worked at the second-largest retail agency, Aon, as an insurance strategy consultant for over a year. Joey lives at home in Austin with his wife- Jenna, son- Rex, and chocolate labrador- Bourbon. 

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