1. Speaking Out of the Box with Bobbie Carlton, John Chen & Shelley Goldstein #406 Debra Eckerling 1:00:46

Want to up-level your speaking? Start speaking out of the box. On this episode of The DEB Show, host Debra Eckerling discusses the topic with Bobbie Carlton, Innovation Women; John Chen, Engaging Virtual Meetings; and Shelley Goldstein, Remarkable Speaking. The trio share what they love about speaking and what stops people from getting on stages, as well as tips, strategies, and inspiring examples.

What is Speaking Out of the Box

– John: Technology plus technique

– Shelley: Finding opportunities and seizing them; you do not need permission to speak

– Bobbie: Doing something unexpected, rather than what the audience anticipates you will do. Be surprising, counter-intuitive, while still addressing the topic

What Is Your Counter-Intuitive Pattern Interrupt

– Bobbie: “I am not here to train you in public speaking; I’m here to get you on stages”

– John: “Turn on the damn camera. I help create virtual meetings that don’t suck”

– Shelley: The long pause


– Bobbie: Come up with something counterintuitive you can do during your talk. Ask people what they need and what they expect, and then find a way to surprise them

– John: Find a place to speak, record it, and send it to John; he will give you feedback. Ask others for feedback after you speak; Talkadot is a great resource for that

– Shelley: If you are feeling nervous about speaking, have a conversation. It can be with a neighbor, service provider, anyone.  Take baby steps

Final Thoughts

– John: Everyone has a topic to speak about; if you don’t know what that is, take the time to figure it out!

– Shelley: Be yourself

– Bobbie: Speaking out of the box also applies to all different stages

Learn more:

Bobbie Carlton: InnovationWomen.com

John Chen: EngagingVirtualMeetings.com

Shelley Goldstein: RemarkableSpeaking.com

Debra Eckerling: TheDEBMethod.com

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