1. Giving with Carol Hink, Brenda Knight & Harri James-O’Kelley #343 Debra Eckerling 1:03:06

On this episode of The DEB Show, host Debra Eckerling talks about Giving with Carol Hink, founder of True Wind Culture; Brenda Knight, author of Random Acts of Kindness; and Harri James-O’Kelley, founder of The O’Kelley Lab. Carol, Brenda, and Harri are all advocates for others; they are also examples of kindness personified.

The trio talked about their connection to the subject, as well as their thoughts how and what to give. Carol, Brenda, and Harri also shared their favorite acts of kindness, giving goals, and more.

What is Giving?

– Carol: It’s what makes my heart grow

– Harri: Reflecting, being there for others, and staying positive

– Brenda: Awareness and emotional intelligence (sensing what someone else needs. Sometimes it’s a smile, holding the door for someone, or checking in with people you see every day

How to Be Better at Giving

– Brenda: Stay in the moment and be true to yourself

– Carol: Overthinking is a barrier to giving; it becomes overwhelming. Just do it

– Harri: Time is a barrier. And people think giving only has to be a certain way. Shift your mindset and get creative with how and when you give


– Carol: When you meet someone, ask them “What gives you joy?”

– Harri: Offer to be part of someone’s team

– Brenda: Put your cellphone down and make eye contact when you talk to people

– Brenda: Give compliments. Acknowledge others – it makes a difference

Final Thoughts

– Harri: Give of yourself

– Brenda: Encourage people in your life to read, especially kids

– Carol: If you know a veteran who is going through trauma, who would like to be in nature, on the water, reach out to learn about her Sail it Forward program

Learn more:

Carol Hink: TrueWindCulture.com

Brenda Knight: Mango.bz

Harri James-O’Kelley: TheOKelleyLab.com

Debra Eckerling: TheDEBMethod.com

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