TOP 7 Things to do in PORTO Portugal – Porto Travel Guide 2024

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. The city is World famous for its port wine. The historic center of Porto was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996.

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The Dom Luis the First Bridge spans the Douro River. The bridge has two decks. The top deck is one of the finest viewpoints over all of Porto.

The Lello Bookstore is more than just a regular bookseller. It’s a historical monument of Porto and the most beautiful bookstore in Portugal. It was an inspiration for the Harry Potter series of books. The ticket price is 9 dollars.

Clerigos Tower is the foremost undisputed landmark of Porto and a reference in the city’s history. Clerigos Tower opened its doors in 1763, becoming the highest bell tower in Portugal, at more than 75 meters. The admission fee is 9 dollars.

The Stock Exchange Palace is renowned for its exquisite neoclassical facade and ornate gilded Arabian Hall. This massive building – located in the historic center of Porto – once acted as the city’s stock exchange, wooing European bankers and investors alike. The admission fee is 13 dollars.

In Porto’s Ribeira neighborhood, vividly colored buildings cascade towards the Douro River, creating a picturesque scene. Cobbled streets echo with history, while the air carries a mix of local delicacies and port wine aromas. The lively riverside, resonating with Fado music, embodies Portugal’s timeless charm and unspoiled beauty.

The Douro Valley is a majestic tapestry of terraced vineyards sweeping the serene Douro River. Sun-kissed hillsides dotted with vineyards reflect centuries of winemaking tradition. The vibrant greenery against the river’s tranquil flow creates a stunning, harmonious landscape, showcasing nature’s artistry and Portugal’s rich viticultural heritage. Travelers can choose to take the train from Porto’s Sao Bento station to its terminus at Pocinyo, or there are many opportunities to get on the river by boat, including large river boats or smaller Rabelow boats previously used to transport port wine from the Douro Valley to the cellars near the city of Porto.

Sao Bento Railway Station is a 20th-century railway terminal in the civil parish of Cedofeita. Although the train station is striking from the outside, the real beauty lies inside. The main hall is breathtaking, with over 20,000 tiles that reflect the history of Portugal. Sao Bento Railway Station has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is free to enter.

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