1. The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes with Adele Paula Royce Sam Liebowitz 1:00:43

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author Adele Paula Royce.

What could make a person feel that they can no longer go on living? Why would someone think that ending their life is the only option? In The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes, Adele presents a semi-fictional look inside the mind and heart of a tortured soul on the verge of ending her own life.

Written as a suicide journal, The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes is a spiritual memoir that takes readers on a journey of life, death, and rebirth. Drawing upon her own personal history of spirituality, she is able to give a much deeper insight on a topic most people struggle to talk about.

Adele Paula Royce attended the School of Visual Arts and has a degree in fine arts and English literature from City University of New York. More than 10 years ago, she began studying under a master teacher of Western Spirituality, and has been a student of Kabbalistic practice ever since.

This week on the Conscious Consultant Hour, Adele Paula Royce talks about her book The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes and how she wrote this book from both life experiences and interest in the topic.

She started with a spiritual doctor, and soon she could never look back.

Now, looking back at how she came to write the book, she really thinks that the reason for writing is simply life. She was mortified by the thought of suicide.

“Every 14 minutes, someone kills themselves” is just one of the things that really pushed her to write this book.

She had a lot of personal experience as well. For almost 10 years she was depressed, and experienced many of the things that she wrote about.

There was a buildup of emotion, and eventually she decided to write a book. Although there was no really contemplation of suicide, her experiences with depression, and her time of darkness really changed how she has looked at life.

Now, she wants to bring hope into her readers, and wants to talk about something that simply needs to be talked about. Coming soon, she will be releasing the second and third books of the trilogy.

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