1. Creating Trust and Leadership Through Public Speaking with Maria Guida Sam Liebowitz 1:01:58

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Speaking Skills Expert and Executive Speech Coach Maria Guida.

Maria works with business owners to develop their power speaking. Her programs have improved performance for attorneys, finance professionals, cpa’s, professional speakers, and more.

With her experience as an adjunct professor at NYU and an actor on Broadway, TV, and film, Maria specializes in influencing techniques that create a leadership presence: building trust and engaging listeners with authority, authenticity, and power.

Maria serves on the Board of the National Speakers Association NY Chapter and is a member of the American Society for Training and Development, Actor’s Equity, and the Screen Actors Guild.

Quotes of the day:

Universe: Be tall and strong and the children will love you. Sometimes we want to be something other than what we are and we lose ourselves.

Abraham: Being in love is a wonderful thing. Being in love is good for us. It can make you a better person. It can dictate what we feel in life.

Guest Maria Guida wanted to be an actress from a young age. She says actors are “Scientist of behavior.” Her favorite type of acting is theater. She’s also a jazz singer trained classically. She’s a part of a jazz trio. She is also a profession speaker. She has now taken her talents as a performer to teaching at NYU. This has led her to teach communication, speaking and presentation classes.

Why is It important to have good presentation skills?

She started her business in 2002 and started getting corporate clients. She helps build your credibility and persuasive ability. The most important thing is being able to sell an idea or service. Some people who you assume would be good at public speaking usually have a lot of fear and anxiety about speaking. Maria gives people confidence.

You can use your voice to build trust. For people in business they mask feeling on uncertainty. Actors use this technique called endowment.

Choose a person from your own life care, trust, respect, admire
Take time to feel empowered by that person
When speaking, believe you are speaking to that person who respects and trust you.
Using the power of imagination can go a long way.

Authenticity can pull a person out of nervousness. But society pressures can alter a person’s behaviors into making them more nervous and uncertain how themselves.

Record yourself speaking on a topic you know well for an extended people of time. When you feel yourself about to use a filler word, pause and keep going. Keep practicing and you’ll start to decrease the use of filler words and you’ll feel more confident when speaking.

Being present with your audience has power. It tells the audience that what you’re saying is important and valuable. It shows the audience that you are listening to them and responding to them. Silence has power. They need to feel like they are active participants in the conversation.

You only have 10-15 seconds to make a good first impression. The last thing you say/do will be the last thing the audience remembers about you. Everything you say needs be said with passion and the feeling that you love being wherever you are.

Rehearsals are important. Rehearsal- behavior in a way that is completely natural. Speak allowed. Our muscles have memory. “We speak for the listeners hear and write for the readers eye.” You need to serve your audience, not yourself.

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