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On a new episode of The Conscious Consultant Hour ~ Awakening Humanity ~, Sam welcomes Magical Author Natalie Zaman.

Natalie Zaman is the author of Magical Destinations of the Northeast Sacred Sites, Occult Oddities & Magical Monuments and co-author of the Graven Images Oracle and a regular contributor to Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac. Her work has appeared in FATE, SageWoman, newWitch magazines, and she writes the Wandering Witch column for Witches and Pagans.

Magical Destinations of the Northeast is a guide to locations rich with energy for meditation, transformation, spiritual work, historical insight, or just plain fun.

Discover this hands-on magical travel guide offering creative inspiration for esoteric, mainstream, and armchair travelers. Delve into the magical uses of official state herbs, crystals, and trees to help you connect more deeply to the unique energy of each featured destination.

Sam and Natalie will be discussing all about visiting sacred sites and making magic where you .

Today’s episode of the Conscious Consultant Hour sees Sam inviting Natalie Zaman, author of Magical Destinations of the Northeast on to discuss spirituality regarding magic and the traditional occult.

Following our traditional Universe and Abraham readings, Natalie expounds upon her Catholic school upbringing and how she became interested in matters of pagans and witches. Mysticism as applied to organized religion is a topic of discussion as well, with Natalie and Sam both settling on Roman Catholicism as “the most mystic” of the major Christian sects.

However, despite popular objection, the divine and the so-called mystic don’t have to be acting opposite one another. Natalie delves into her process for structuring the book by location and stages by state, with a focus paid to states in which there are large active pagan communities. In addition, a discussion on statues and symbolism festooned upon the streets of New York City.

The power of encounters and sacred sites can be navigated…

“Travel tip #1: If you can ever get to some place and be alone, do it!”

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