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"Is My 100% S&P 500 Portfolio Wrong?" | AMA with Jesse – E81

  1. "Is My 100% S&P 500 Portfolio Wrong?" | AMA with Jesse - E81 Jesse Cramer 37:43

On today’s episode, we bring you something a little different. Jesse’s collected a series of questions from newsletter subscribers and will answer them in today’s AMA (Ask Me Anything). Jesse answers into which accounts young people should be putting their money. Other questions answered are: Is getting to your “Coast FI” a good idea? How to balance which accounts you’re putting money into and how your goals might change that. How can you financially prepare for parenthood? Why you should diversify your investments, even if your lack of diversification is working for you. What are “Roth Conversions”? And how can we make the most of tax diversification? If you’re interested in hearing Jesse’s answers to these questions, then this episode is for you. If you’d like a question in a future AMA, send Jesse a message!


Key Takeaways:

  • When should I put money into my Roth IRA vs. my Traditional 401k?

  • We don’t know the future. So, diversify.

  • What Jesse’s doing to prepare financially for parenthood.

  • How clear goals can get you more specific guidance when financial planning. 

  • When and how you can do “Roth Conversions”.


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The Best Interest Podcast is a personal podcast meant for educational and entertainment. It should not be taken as financial advice, and is not prescriptive of your financial situation.

Jesse Cramer Writer & Financial Planner

Jesse Cramer is the writer of The Best Interest blog, the voice behind The Best Interest Podcast, and works full-time as a fiduciary financial planner for Cobblestone Capital Advisors in Rochester, NY.

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