1. The Invisible Industry: Coding & Marking Packaged Goods featuring Lori Raymond with Tourmaline Enterprises Beefy Marketing 56:21

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is some listening material while you cook: This episode is a discussion with Lori Raymond, the owner and president of Tourmaline Enterprises, a company that manufactures and distributes coding and marking equipment for consumer goods packaging. Lori shares her entrepreneurial origin story including taking over and growing the business after the passing of her husband, as well as the critical role that packaging coding plays in product safety and traceability. Listeners will learn about an industry that most people don’t know exists despite the important services it provides.

Key Quotes:

“Everything that is touched by human hands is coded in some way these days.” – Lori Raymond

“The only thing that keeps a company going is marketing and sales.” – Lori Raymond


[00:01:15] John Kelley and Lori Raymond discuss diet, snacks and spicy foods

[00:05:51] Revolutionizing Business Operations with Wingman

[00:06:49] Lori Raymond Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey and Turning Challenges into Success

[00:19:13] The Impact of Coding and Marking in Different Industries

[00:21:33] Understanding Distributor Role in Packaging Industry

[00:28:49] Understanding the Supply Chain Process

[00:34:43] Understanding Different Types of Entrepreneurs and Goals for Tourmaline

[00:35:38] Supporting Entrepreneurs and Ensuring Quality in Product Coding and Marking

[00:40:56] The Power of Caring Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Lori Raymond.

[00:46:58] Lori Raymond Discusses the Story Behind Tourmaline Enterprises

[00:52:18] The Power of Omnipresent Marketing and Branding

[00:55:07] Episode Recap: Passion for Unique Industry and Business Challenges with Lori Raymond

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