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According to Forbes, an artificial intelligence-based bot is set to appear in local shopping malls in the form of a "doctor in a box," to which we emphatically say, "no thank you!"

This week on our Tell Me More Podcast, we delve into the concerning emergence of the "Doctor in a Box," an AI-driven healthcare concept discussed by podcast producer, Casey Callanan and Dr. Christine Meyer.

This podcast interview was a direct reaction to an alarming article that Dr. Meyer recently read on Forbes.com with the headline, "An AI Doctor In A Box Coming To A Mall Near You."

You can read the Forbes article here:

Expressing deep reservations, Dr. Meyer questions the value and efficacy of automated medical care, emphasizing the irreplaceable human connection in healthcare. She criticizes the devaluation of primary care, urging investment in human-centered healthcare over impersonal AI solutions.

The discussion also touches on the role of patients in advocating for quality care, emphasizing the need for open communication and patient-centric practices.

Dr. Meyer reveals her practice’s commitment to accessible healthcare, working extended hours to meet patient needs. The conversation ends with a call to reconsider the direction of healthcare, valuing the importance of personal relationships in medicine.

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