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This week’s edition of the Tell Me More podcast features a heartfelt conversation with Liz Benditt, a remarkably resilient patient who has triumphed over five different cancers spanning more than 10 years. As the President and CEO of The Balm Box, she shares her unique story of Resilience, turning tragedy into triumph as a survivor and entrepreneur. Liz also discusses the impact her cancer bouts had on her children and the challenges she faced with poor patient experiences throughout her journey. While frustrating at times, her story is ultimately encouraging and underscores the importance of advocating for one’s health amid the complexities of different treatments.

Learn more about The Balm Box: https://thebalmbox.com/

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I am an internal medicine doctor with 20-plus years of experience. 19 years ago, I started my practice. Since then, it has grown to 20 clinicians and is the region's largest privately owned primary care practice. I am passionate about preserving the private medical practice and improving doctor-patient communication. My podcast hosts doctors and patients alike in the hopes of bridging the gap between them.