1. The Cool Cooperative - helping at promise youth get started in the film-industry (Guest - Beth Bervant) Spaghettionthewall 36:36

Beth has had a love for entertainment since her fifth-grade thespian debut as Miss Veryrich in her school play.  She has boundless energy and curiosity, so the draw to film and television was a natural evolution. As an actor, producer, choreographer, dancer, podcast host, and live event coordinator, Beth has worked at just about every level in the entertainment industry.  She has a degree from the University of Wi-Madison in Radio, Television, Film Production, and a certificate in Business Management from the Harvard Extension School, with a focus on non-profits.  She is one of the founding members of the Sirens of New Orleans and their first chairwoman. She’s happily married to that guy who rides down the parade route in a recliner, with their finest productions being their three incredible daughters.

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Armando Leduc Owner of Leduc Entertainment, Podcaster

I am a veteran of the motion picture industry, with over 20 years as an actor, writer, producer and director. I have appeared on screen in dozens of major Hollywood productions including Prison Break, MacGyver, Green Lantern, The Purge and many others. I have taken my experience in this industry and am bringing that knowledge to the world of social media marketing and content creation where video is king. I work with businesses across the country to help expand their reach through social media. Our podcast takes time to speak with those business owners about their "spaghetti on the wall" moment; the time when they threw their ideas at the wall and what stuck.