1. Revolutionizing Ratings: The Power and Potential of Net Promoter Score (NPS) | SFM E69 Adam Braus 43:34

What if there was a way to truly express your opinions on movies, restaurants, and more, using a simple scoring system? Welcome to our new recording space in Oakland where we're about to explore how the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a tool known to the marketing and product design world, can revolutionize the way we evaluate our entertainment and dining experiences. From dissecting classic movie archetypes and recognizing exceptions like District 9, to discussing the human instinct for storytelling and the solid foundation a three-act structure provides – we're shedding light on the fascinating world of narratives.

Ever wondered what it would be like to wield influence, to have the power to drive change just by expressing your opinion? We're talking about the potential of NPS to do exactly that. Breaking down the three categories – promoters, neutrals, and detractors – we're exploring the challenges in achieving a high NPS score and the significance of hitting the elusive 70. We're also discussing the potential risks and rewards of power, be it on the big screens or in the back alleys.

And if you're a fan of online ratings, hold your breath as we venture into how NPS could be calculated using IMDb ratings or applied to Yelp reviews. With a peek into the Reddit community's opinions on Star Wars and ideas to split restaurant ratings into food and ambience, we're unpacking the potential of NPS to revolutionize customer satisfaction. So, join us on this thrilling ride as we debate the value of a well-made movie and muse over the possibility of creating a software that utilizes IMDb's open API to calculate NPS for movies and TV shows. Change the way you perceive ratings, and who knows – you might just discover a new favorite movie along the way!

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Adam Braus is a polymath professor and professional in San Francisco. He has built many companies and non-profits and currently building a new college called Elton College. He is a lover of big ideas and new solutions.