1. Marc Miller’s Continuing Plans for the Move to Mexico #079 Marc Miller 27:39

In this episode, Marc covers the steps of relocating abroad and securing the resources for safe and healthy living for his family while running his business full-time.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:46] Next week, Marc will interview Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of IRelaunch. IRelaunch is the leader in career re-entry programming. IRelaunch works directly with 40 Blue Chip companies to develop, pilot, source for, present in, and publicize re-entry internship programs and hiring, focusing on those with career breaks.

[2:28] In this episode, Marc will talk about the next steps the Millers will be taking in becoming expats in Mexico. But first, Marc announces plans for another “Can You Repurpose Your Career?” series, similar to Episodes 48-51 from October 2017.

[2:57] If you would like to go through this process anonymously with Marc on the podcast, please email Marc at Podcast@CareerPivot.com.

[3:12] For his new listeners, Marc reviews the purpose for his family’s planned move to Mexico. For the last year, Marc has been chronicling his experiences relating to the move. Marc blogs about it on his website and covers it in his podcast. Listen to episodes 55, 66, and 74 for background.

[4:19] Marc’s expat journey began back in October 2016 when he received the 50% rate increase for his Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance. Marc and his wife are both in their 60s and self-employed. The Affordable Care Act was not affordable for them, but it did allow them to get insurance. Then came the election and uncertainty about the ACA.

[5:16] At the same time, Marc’s sales pipeline completely dried up. By the first half of 2017, Marc’s business was off 60%. Marc and his wife focused on what they could control. Over the years, they had talked about becoming expats, so they decided to do that.[5:57] In the Spring of 2017, they visited San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. On a trip to Cuenca, Ecuador, Marc’s wife collapsed. Back in the U.S., she went into the hospital. The bills were expensive. Marc started his community membership website then.

[6:30] They made their first trip to Ajijic, Mexico on Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, close to the Guadalajara airport. Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico. There are many convenient flights there. You can do just fine in Ajijic without learning Spanish.

[7:50] Marc posted a question on the Chapala.com web board looking for an endocrinologist. Within 48 hours he had 28 responses.

[8:08] In March, Marc and his wife rented a garage apartment in Ajijic for four weeks. This was $825 for the four weeks. It was close to the main square and the farmers’ market. Their goal was to travel there and behave like they were living there. In four weeks, Marc had lost three pounds with no formal exercising. The food was healthy.

[10:06] Marc talks about the next steps. Marc’s wife leaves her job at the end of May, after 15 years. She’s been making $25K working two days a week.

[11:11] Marc and his wife want to keep their taxable income this year under $61K. One dollar over that means they would not get ACA tax credits. Your healthcare options for retiring pre-Medicare are getting pretty ugly.

[12:15] Marc’s next step is to meet with a Medicare consultant. Medicare does you no good outside the states, but you get a big penalty if you don’t apply at age 65.

[12:37] Marc is canceling all their mail catalog subscriptions and magazines. They will rent a house from the end of June through the end of September, halfway between Ajijic and Chapala.You can’t just drive across the border. You need a TIP, or temporary import permit, and your title. You also need Mexican car liability insurance.

[14:38] This time they will drive down with a hired driver.

[15:32] Marc will probably sell their second car. They are making Mexican doctors appointments before they leave. They are getting some documents certified, like their marriage certificate.

[16:29] They will bring their cats with them. Pets need an international form signed by the vet within 10 days before you hit the border. They have Marc’s mother’s ashes in an urn and they’re not sure what to do with them.

[19:14] Don’t drive at night in Mexico.

[19:48] Marc talks about the doctor’s appointments they will have. He also talks about  setting up a long-term apartment rental for the next trip in January.

[20:39] Marc will dispose of just about everything when they get back to the States, and put a few things in storage. They will meet again with their Medicare consultant. They will meet with tax lawyers and CPAs to make sure everything is in order. They need to learn what kind of Visa they will need.

[21:49] Schwab has a really good money market fund where they refund all out-of-country ATM fees. They also need to establish an Austin-based mailing address. This allows Marc to maintain his Austin-based business. Marc describes the services of a mailbox company.

[22:50] Marc’s plans are to be in Ajijic on January 2019.

[22:58] Marc notes the tax implications of being out of the country most of the year and how much money you can earn abroad before it is taxed.

[23:45] Go to the show notes and leave Marc a comment or question and he will get back to you.

[24:02] Marc’s goal is to be out of the country for 12 months next year, except for return visits. They will continue to explore various cities and areas of Mexico, Panama, Belize and Costa Rica.

[26:23] Check back next week, when Marc will interview Carol Fishman Cohen CEO and Co-Founder of IRelaunch.


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