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In this episode, Marc answers questions with his trusty sidekick, Elizabeth Rabaey. You can learn about her career pivots in Episode 020. Listen in to this episode for ideas on planning a freelance path, whether you need a Bachelor’s degree when you have the experience, and volunteering and networking at a not-for-profit.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] Elizabeth introduces herself. Through an assessment, Marc helped Elizabeth find and connect with her creativity. After pivoting, she is the marketing coordinator for an international company. She uses Adobe InDesign to create marketing materials.

[4:14] Q1: I am out of work for two-and-a-half years after surgeries. I am completely recovered. I am an illustrator/designer and have worked in several industries.

[4:56] I have been reaching out to my network. I adjust my resume for every opportunity. I am getting no response. There is no human connection in the application process. I would love to work freelance but have no sales ability. How do I find opportunities?

[5:42] A1: Marc notes that people in that situation apply for jobs, but graphic design jobs are few. There are lots of freelance gigs. Marc suggests looking at Upworks and other freelance broker sites. They have a rating system, so you need to get some gigs on there and get good ratings. Look for local freelance groups and creative meetups.

[7:07] Look at creative communities, such as Adobe users. These will vary by location. If you still want to apply for a job, look for people on LinkedIn who “look like you” and find out where they work. Those are potential employers. The key is to go talk to employees or freelancers about how they get work. Freelance groups have business workshops.

[10:32] Q2: I just turned 60. Unless I can find someone to take care of me financially, I will have to return to work. I have a Project Management Planner (PMP) certificate, but every job seems to require a BA. I don’t want additional debt. What are my options?

[10:52] A2: A PMP is sufficient. Put on the application, “20 years of experience in lieu of a BA,” or BS, (whichever they specify). That gets you honestly past the applicant tracker. Do not lie.

[11:51] Q3: I am not having any luck finding employment. I am qualified to be an HR manager, but I don’t want a management role. I have applied to non-managerial positions in HR and had a couple of interviews but no offers. Money is not a problem. I am willing to work for much less than I have in the past. I would like to work at an Non-Profit.

[12:42] A3: There are multiple pieces to this. No one is going to believe that you are willing to work for less money. If you go back into the for-profit world in the second half of life, it’s going to come down to a relationship that you already have or can resurrect or build. To work in the nonprofit world takes completely different skills than for profit.

[14:28] Marc suggests first seeking a nonprofit certificate program at a community college. Fundraising is different from sales. Volunteer management is not HR. You will have to build relationships at the nonprofit by serving on a board or volunteering. They are often dysfunctional. Figure out which one you could tolerate with its dysfunctions.

[17:07] Elizabeth has worked on nonprofit boards. She recommends building your network by volunteering. There may be a lot of uncertainty and you may need flexibility.

[18:01] Marc serves on the board of one nonprofit, Launchpad Job Club, and the President hates to ask for money. Money is necessary for a nonprofit. Marc notes that getting to a size where employees are paid is a big, difficult change for an NFP.

[19:03] Marc invites you to record your question for the show using the microphone option at CareerPivot.com. Your voice can be on the show! Or email him your question.


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