1. Finding Passion in the Garden and Composting with Deborah Schnur #262 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 42:15


This week I am speaking with Debbie Schnur who is a Career Pivot community member. She has quite a story to tell of progressively connecting the dots to find her happy spot.

Debbie left her career as a mechanical engineer in the middle part of the last decade to get a master’s degree in public health. She then moved halfway across the country to make a series of pivots to become a master gardener, an expert in composting, and is teaching kids about healthy foods.

What I like about Debbie’s story is for every pivot she has made, she built her network and connected the dots to get to the next pivot. As she made each pivot, she did not know which dot she would need to connect to next. She just kept Moving forward and more importantly followed her heart. This is something she never did in her engineering career.

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