1. Is Your Portfolio Big Enough to Benefit From Roth Conversions? James Conole, CFP® 21:31

What are the benefits of Roth conversions in Retirement planning? James addresses questions about when Roth conversions become worthwhile.

This episode explores key factors:
Changes in tax bracket
Spousal scenarios
Impact of portfolio size on tax savings

Potential tax savings tend to increase with a higher portfolio balance but be careful not to take unnecessary Roth conversions. James explains different strategies to optimize tax planning.

Questions answered:
Is there a specific portfolio value at which Roth conversions should be considered?
Why might one choose not to do a Roth conversion, and what are the alternatives?

0:00 Intro
3:14 Scenario
6:47 Tax bracket
11:15 Provisional income
14:27 Spousal scenario
16:45 Bottom line
20:29 Outro

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James Conole CFP®, Podcaster

James Conole is the founder of Root Financial and the host of the Ready For Retirement podcast and YouTube channel.