Join us for another episode of Page-Turner’s Studio With Cori featuring Anthology Leader Linda Laird Staszewski.

Linda is a retired industrial engineer, vision board guru, multi-business owner, curator, author, creativity coach, and aging advocate who mentors women, providing support and direction in clarifying goals and living their best lives.

Linda shares:
· How to dive back into the trauma of your story so you can share it to help others.
· How to recognize that every story is important, no matter what your “inner chatter” may be saying.

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Cori Wamsley CEO of Aurora Corialis Publishing & 10x Author

Cori Wamsley, CEO of Aurora Corialis Publishing, works with leaders who have a transformational story to share. She helps them quickly and easily write and publish a book for their brand that helps them create a legacy and be seen as an expert while building a relationship with the reader. Cori has nearly 20 years’ experience as a professional writer and editor, including 10 years with the Departments of Energy and Justice and four years as the executive editor of Inspiring Lives Magazine. She also wrote nine fiction books and one nonfiction book, The SPARK Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast, and contributed to two anthologies. Her tenth book, The Treasures We Seek, was published in November of 2023.