1. Veterans' Advocacy: The Role of Patriot Angels in Supporting Our Heroes with Suzette Graham, Owner & CEO of Patriot Angels willGather, Nicole Will 31:10

There are over 15 million wartime veterans and their spouses who are potentially eligible for veteran benefits. Unfortunately, only about 2% of these veterans are actually collecting their benefits and many of them do not know all that they are eligible for today.


My guest this week is Suzette Graham, Owner and CEO of Patriot Angels. They help families and veterans navigate the overwhelming and complicated process of applying for veteran benefits, aid, and attendance. As an independent company, they are devoted to making sure veterans and families have the resources they need. With her great team, they continue to advocate for people that need support, including veterans, families, caregivers, and senior living communities.


During the interview, we discussed how Patriot Angels came to be and how they help veterans and their family members. We also talked about the importance of knowing who to call for help and discovering what various benefits are available. Some of the benefits may not be immediately apparent, and Suzette also shares how they work with senior living communities to support families in paying for housing. Additionally, we talk about what is on the horizon for 2023 and what benefit changes may have taken place, as well as where to learn more about Patriot Angels and the many ways they have impacted people’s lives. Thank you, Suzette, for providing timely assistance for those who have sacrificed for our country and being a guiding hand for veterans and their families.


Suzette shares about:

  • The story behind Patriot Angels
  • How to navigate the complex system of veterans’ benefits and the need for support
  • What benefits are available
  • Who is eligible for benefits
  • The ways in which they support veterans, families and work with senior living communities
  • What is on the horizon for benefit changes for 2023
  • The many ways Patriot Angels has seen success and changed the lives of others
  • How Angels Research discovers information and assists in research for appropriate documentation
  • Where we can learn more about Patriot Angels


Learn more at Patriot Angels. 


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