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With our growing longevity economy and older adult demographic, we have seen a massive rise in agetech. How do we make sure that older adults can live a full life in a digital world and include them in each aspect of creation and use?  We are in a unique time to be able to solve problems, create solutions and address the universal challenges of aging.


Keren shares about:

  • How she came to start The Gerontechnologist and write The AgeTech Revolution
  • Why we are in a pivotal time in our world and the changing aging landscape- a worldwide look
  • The challenges of aging, lack of Caregiver support, and how agetech addresses those concerns
  • What are the barriers to agetech adoption
  • What to consider when designing agetech
  • The attributes of agetech companies that validate the problems and solutions
  • What successful agetech companies do well
  • Overcoming fear of change and embracing agetech
  • The future of agetech


Keren Etkin is the best-selling author of The AgeTech Revolution – a book about the intersection of technology and aging, founder of TheGerontechnologist.com, a media platform that covers the global agetech ecosystem and offers online courses through the AgeTech Academy, and the founder/director of AgeLabIL at Shenkar college in Israel, an interdisciplinary R&D center focusing on agetech. Named one of the most influential people in aging, Etkin is a sought-after public speaker and advisor for agetech startups, investors in the longevity economy, care providers and organizations who work on innovation in aging.


In The AgeTech Revolution, Keren Etkin takes you on a journey to explore what the intersection of tech and aging looks like today. 


Visit www.thegerontechnologist.com for more information.


Purchase The AgeTech Revolution HERE.


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