1. Beyond Memory Loss: The Hidden Costs of Alzheimer's with the Alzheimer's Association & RBC Wealth Management willGather, Nicole Will, Alzheimer's Association, RBC Wealth Management 43:53

There is a critical aspect of Alzheimer’s that often goes under-discussed: the financial implications. What should families know about the economic burden of this disease and how can they prepare for it?

Today’s guests share all about Alzheimer’s care, advocacy, and awareness, a journey both heart-wrenching and hopeful. We’re peeling back the layers of this complex issue to uncover the impact, challenges, and strides being made in the fight against this condition.

Joining us are three wonderful guests, each bringing a unique perspective to our discussion. Jenna Pogorels, an expert with over a decade of experience in dementia program services, is the Associate Director of Community Services for the Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota-North Dakota chapter. Tara Ambrose, Vice President and Senior Manager of Client Risk Prevention at RBC Wealth Management brings her extensive experience in protecting vulnerable clients from financial exploitation. Wally Chapman, Senior Vice President at RBC Wealth Management, combines his professional expertise with a personal commitment to Alzheimer’s advocacy, influenced deeply by his family’s involvement in the cause.

In today’s conversation, we’ll navigate through various topics, including the personal connections of our guests with the Alzheimer’s Association, the collaborative efforts between the Alzheimer’s Association and RBC Wealth Management, and the prevalence and impact of Alzheimer’s and dementia. We’ll also explore the types of support offered by the association, early warning signs of the disease, the financial implications for older adults and caregivers, and practical tips for navigating this challenging journey. Plus, we’ll discuss how you, our listeners, can get involved and make a difference.

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