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  1. From Chaos to Clarity: The Katuva Success Model Isabel Alexander 16:23

Join us in Episode 102 of the Lift as You Climb Podcast as we delve into the Katuva Success Model, demystifying the process of matching entrepreneurs with the perfect virtual assistants. From recruitment strategies to personality-based matching, discover the keys to transforming chaos into clarity in your business journey.

– Introduction to the Katuva Success Model

– The challenges and undiscovered aspects of working with virtual assistants

– The journey from chaos to clarity: Tobe’s personal experience with hiring virtual assistants

– The Empower Plus model: Creating ongoing support for clients and virtual assistants

– The vetting process: Skills, personality, and the importance of connecting on a human level

– Pro tips for hiring: Sample tasks, paying for value, and fostering a positive working relationship

– Adding value to clients: The role of training and technology in ensuring success

– Navigating the delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and treating virtual assistants with dignity and respect



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