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June 6th, 2024

Senior Placement Services – When a Move is Necessary

  1. Senior Placement Services - When a Move is Necessary Kim Hegwood 15:19

In this enlightening episode of Life Happens with host Kim Hegwood, Vanda Crossly from EXP Realty joins the conversation to share her expertise on navigating the transition to senior living. The episode begins by addressing how families can determine the right time to move a loved one to senior living, offering insights into the key indicators and considerations.

Kim and Vanda discuss the essential first steps families need to take when it’s time for a move to assisted living or memory care, providing practical guidance to help make the process smoother. They also explore what families should do if they need to sell a house before the senior can move, offering tips on managing this important step.

The conversation delves into the role of a Senior Real Estate Expert, explaining how these professionals can assist families in making informed decisions and facilitating the transition to senior living. Vanda shares her experience and expertise in this specialized field, highlighting the benefits of working with an expert.

In addition to her real estate expertise, Vanda is involved in the planning and development of a community that fosters intergenerational living. She shares insights about this innovative approach, discussing the benefits and unique aspects of intergenerational communities.

Listeners will gain valuable knowledge and practical tips for managing the complexities of transitioning to senior living, along with an introduction to the exciting possibilities of intergenerational living.

Contact Vanda:
Phone: (773) 678-1085

About Vanda:
Vanda Crossley is a dedicated real estate professional specializing in elderly care, with a passion for ensuring that each client’s unique preferences and needs are acknowledged and met. In her approach, Vanda emphasizes the importance of communication and building relationships with key facility staff such as activities directors and other social workers to tailor care appropriately. Her philosophy centers around the idea that while basic care is fundamental, the finer details, such as providing preferred meal options, significantly enhance the quality of life. Vanda is recognized for her ability to connect deeply with her clients, understanding that not everyone’s tastes are the same—some might not enjoy Jamaican jerk chicken, while others may never have tried it. Her advocacy ensures that care facilities do not just support life but enrich it, making each resident’s experience as enjoyable as possible.
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Kim Hegwood Attorney at Law, Podcaster

Kim Hegwood, born in Bay City, is an Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney based in Houston, Texas. Kim has been a practicing Attorney since she graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1996. After watching her grandparents struggle to maintain their independence as they grew older, trying to navigate the challenges of aging, and deal with the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that our loved ones face in their golden years, Kim dedicated her career to helping families preserve their dignity and protect their assets.

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