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Happy Saturday Friends! 
My next guest is a great example of USA Proud. She is a well-known country music artist and also a very savvy business woman. Please welcome PREMIERE guest Lady Redneck.
Stephanie Lee was born in Blackfoot, Idaho, and raised until she was about 12 years old in a little town called Howe, Idaho, population 23.  Before junior high her parents moved to the BIG CITY of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Stephanie Lee played in the family band Dusty Boots that performed all over the northwest.  She grew up playing the guitar, piano, bass, fiddle, mandolin and drums.  The family sold 40,000 CDs.  Since then she has branched off and is doing her own thing.  She loves writing and singing her own music!  
 Stephanie Lee is also a dark chocolate lover and a workout-a-holic.  She loves her family, her Savior, and her country.  She has lived in Texas for several years and loves it!  She also speaks Spanish and a little Cebuano. To learn more or to support Lady Redneck, head to the links below:


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